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Why Can't I Get What I want?

Why can't I get what I want? An age old question and it's funny how sometimes we put out there what we need and dang if it doesn't come in the wrong way or not at all. Are the spirits against us? Is Creator not listening? Actually neither is the case. There are many reasons for things not to work out. Timing, causing you fustration or harm, or just simply there are other more pressing needs at the moment. Whatever the reason understanding how it works can be half the battle and may serve to relax your mind about why things aren't going your way. As I wrote, sometimes it's as simple as timing. It's possible what you want wont serve you right now and may move you backwards instead of forwards. This could be needing money to get a bill paid off. You see urgency instead of calmly talking to the company. The spirits see you paying the bill and struggling for the rest of the month. Another could be wanting to go on a trip. At the last minute it gets called off leaving you fustrated and upset. A few days later you come down with a horrible cold which would have ruined your trip. The trip can be replanned. In these cases the spirits would hold off on helping you get what you want or block it from coming altogether because it's in your best interest. But trust, when the time is right it will come through for you. Another reason is you weren't clear when you asked for it. An example I like to use is putting out there that somehow you need a new car. that's it nice and simple. A week or two, goes by and a friend is getting rid of his car. You jump at the chance for it. Sure you can have it, but it needs alot of work and doesn't currently run. Did you get what you asked for? yes indeed. You asked for a car. You didn't ask for a car that runs.Or constantly thinking about how you need a break from work, For weeks you think about it. Suddenly, your boss comes in and tells you your fired. In shock and disbelief you head home and sit down with a cup of tea and reealize you got the break you asked for. One other example is what happened to me twice. Anyone who knows me knows I have been trying to lose weight. So I put out there, a few years ago, that I want to lose my weight and get to my optimum health. About 2 months of going to the gym and losing weight I ended up not feeling well and had a hard time moving around. Soon after I ended up in the hospital getting an angioplasty for two blockages of 90% that I didn't know I had. These cleared I was able to double down on my gym and loss some significant weight. Which because of life taking over I put back on. So recently I said it again. This time I ended up in the hospital with sepsis. But possibly, had I not put it out there that I wanted to be healthy, I may not have gotten the warning from spirit to get to the hospital and i would have died for a second time. I am relating these events to you not because of what happened to me but to help you understand that spirit and Creator give you exactly what you ask for if it's in your best interest. Remember to be clear about what you want. Specify! Specify! Specify! So that you get exactly that which you are asking for. Also timing may be an issue. It may feel like a good time for you but spirits with your best interest at heart may disagree. The secret here is patience. And finally, Spirit is always there to help you what may blindside you, may ultimately be for your own good. I hope this helps explain about of how works. hav e a phenomenal day! ~ Much Love <3