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Psychic Services

Medium Sessions

Raven offers individual and group consultations as a Medium, specializing in connecting one with their loved ones who have crossed over enabling closure and personal healing to begin. she uses her abilities as a psychic to provide clients with insight, to aid them in thier goals and in making their own decisions, as well as to shed light on problems obstructing their paths. In this respect, she serve as a guide for others.

Raven is an extremely gifted Medium. In an session, she see, sometimes physically, those spirits who are closest to you, and those spirits who need to acknowledge those they love.

Some Experiences are as simple as their coming through with a word or two that only you both shared, to validate their presence, or it might be as complex as their explanation as to how they crossed over, or information on upcoming events like a birth or a new job.

she has an excellent reputation for her psychic ability and talents. she specializes in communicating with spirits who have crossed over. Her goal is to enlighten clients, by assisting as a tool, in providing unique spiritual experiences with their loved ones from beyond thus enabling personal healing, answers to unsettled issues, closure and much more.

she uses her abilities to provide insight and claritly which makes the decision and goal process easier. In this respect she serves as a guide for others. PLEASE NOTE: Raven is not a run of the mill fortune teller tarot card reader, all though she does read Tarot cards with the help of Spirit. she is not here to entertain you but to aid you in connecting with those who have passed or your guides. she is also here to help guide and advise, through the Tarot, on upcoming or past events. To Raven, speaking with those who have crossed is serious business, not that the experience can't be alot of fun for everyone participating. Indeed it can, but it is not to be taken lightly. Sceptics are always welcome, but no disrespect will be tolerated. If you have a need to communicate with someone, or people who have passed, and you need closure, to heal and old feelings, or just to know that she are around and watching, she is the one you need to speak to.

When attending a session with Raven, it is a good idea to download an app to your phone for voice recording. (*** If you have an android go to Google Play. in the search bar enter Voice Recorder. One of the first to show is Smart Recorder an excellent app that Raven recommends) If you can't record, please bring a tape recorder or note pad for notes. she rarely remembers the information given during a session. This is part of her process as she connects with spirit, she is sometimes used as a channel for them and at those times has no recollection of what is said. This is not always the case, but it is a good thing as it enables you to speak directly to the spirits who wish to talk with you in an uninhibited fashion.

Raven has a strong spiritual and mystical orientation, and her intuition is multi-faceted and complex. Raven has been a seeker of spiritual knowledge researching many paths and traditions. Since age 4 she has been aware of more than this realm of consciousness. Her seeking and experimentation only served to open her mind to the countless spirits that surround us. Her readings are given in a compassionate, loving way that enable her clients to recieve the healing and closure and fore-knowledge that they need and deserve.

Tarot Readings

Raven offers individual, couples and corporate readings as a Tarot reader utilizing the cards, your energy and spirits around you to recieve the most information possible. The readings whether a fifteen minute or longer tap into every aspect of your personal or business life. Doing this lets you know what you can expect over the next few months to a year. Positive influences and problematic events so can avoid or be prepared for whatever lies on the road ahead.
Questions during medium sessions and tarot readings are always encouraged as is recording of sessions. Feel free to bring a recorder or to record on your phone as Raven feels this enhances your experience.

Year Ahead Tarot Reading

The YATR takes a look in depth at eac h month for a full year. Bringing through everything you need to be aware of for each of the 12 months ahead. If you want to know issues that are going to arise during the year or the good stuff this is your reading! As always questions are welcome during the reading. This reading can be done anytime of the year.

Past Life Readings

Come with Raven as she takes you on a guided tour of your past lives. In each session you may be able to get information on one to three lives and the issues you've faced that affect you in this lifetime. There is also the chance you may recognize people from the past as well. Always a good way to understand yourself better in the here and now.