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Why Do Spirits Haunt?

Spirits "haunt a place for a lot of different reasons. The reasons are as varied as the spirits themselves. What most would think of as a haunting usually is more of a visitation rather than a spirit who stays in one place. Spirits who haunt do so because of ties to the land or circumstances of their passing. Others visit family and friends and still others wander. So to have an actual haunting is more rare than you would think. But it does occur.

When a spirit crosses and is tied to the land, it chooses to remain in a house or on land that was loved. But you have to understand, and this is controversial and my opinion from my work, that our world and theirs overlays each other. What you may see as your new home they may see as their current one. This is also why spirit activity kicks up when you renovate or make changes to a home. It doesn't mean the spirits who reside with you are angry. It just means your messing with their space and it's their way of telling you to knock it off. Most times if you talk to them they will be placated. Not always but most times. More aggressive spirits tend to see their house as theirs. Period. No amount of niceties will change their mind and for that it's best to call in a medium to aid you in dealing with them. Often times that's all it takes and are what house and land blessings are for. Worse case scenario is the spirit is forced to leave, which may relieve you of your stress but does little to help the spirit who is evicted. Luckily it's rare that this has to happen as most spirits are willing to co-exist with little or no interactions.

Spirits who stay because of the circumstances of their passing are usually more active and genuinely need help. Of all the spirits these are the ones I feel the most compassion for. They didn't ask to for it to happen and feel they have little to no control over their circumstances. They will try to get your attention. They may even exhibit poltergeist type activity but once reasoned with and helped will eagerly move on to be with family. This does not however, cover angry spirits who strike out at people through words and deeds. They are a whole different type and must be dealt with by a medium to get them to move forward and stop the harassment. This is usually a complete clearing and sealing of the home, land or business. If you feel you have one of these types of spirits don't hesitate to call myself or another medium to deal with them as soon as possible.

If you have loved ones who cross they may hang around at times. Sometimes to get messages through and sometimes just because they love you. They will occasionally mess with things such as electronics or moving things or touches but there is no malice in their intentions. To those who are unaware it may seem as if they are being haunted when in fact it's just a product of love. Having said that, most people will sense that it's a loved one and be good with having them around. They come through in a lot of different ways and to recount all that I personally know about here would take up way to much room so I'll leave it at that. I will say if you have a loved one you can't get off your mind it's probably them. For this type of spirit it is far better to have them watching out for you than it is to have them leave. They are there for your best interest and as I said, out of love for you. So have no fear.

No matter what type of spirits you have in your home, if any, there is always a way to deal with them Just be smart and really look at whats going on. Panicking is the worst thing you can do as often times it's something harmless. When it isn't, and people are getting hurt or scared, seek out a good medium to help you. It doesn't matter who as long as they are aware that spirits are as different as people are and come in all shades from reallllly good to really bad and that they know how to deal with all of them.

Yours in spirit,


****NOTE: If you have an issue with a haunting please contact Hellfire Paranormal at 603.264.6677 for help. There is no cost to you.