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Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a great way to show someone you love them. Whether they are used to get in touch with someone who crossed over, find out whats coming up or used for an energy clearing this a gift your loved ones will cherish a lifetime! Available for any length of session you can purchase gift certificates in amounts of $40 to $320. They also do not have to use all their time at once. (exceptions to this are fifteen minute sessions) They can split their time and use them anytime as these gift certificates do not ever expire. Give Raven a call at 603.716.6378 to purchase your gift certificates or you can click the link to order. If you are recieving them by mail please allow one week for processing and mail delivery. If you are picking them up please allow twenty-four hours for pick-up. We look forward to hearing from you

Choose Your Gift Certificate

Medium 15 Minute $40.00 USD
Tarot 15 Minute $40.00 USD
Medium 1/2 Hour $80.00 USD
Tarot 1/2 Hour $80.00 USD
Mixed Medium/Tarot 1/2 Hour $80.00 USD
Mixed Medium/Tarot 1 Hour $160.00 USD
Mixed Medium/Tarot 5 minutes $40.00 USD
Mixed Medium/Tarot 1 Hour $160.00 USD
Mixed Medium/Tarot 2 Hour $320.00 USD

Made your decision? Pay for it here or call Raven at 603.716.6378