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Dream Visitations

Last night I had a dream. It had a spirit visitation from someone who crossed long ago. It's amazing how powerful these types of dreams are and they always carry messages. These are sometimes blatant, sometimes contain symbolism, but how ever they come through, they never fail to hit their mark. It's hard sometimes to understand the meaning, but if you look at what else is going on in your life it may become apparent to you. One thing to remember is that dreams are the easiest way for spirits to visit and be visible. Even so it's not done lightly and always has a purpose. There is the other side of the coin to consider. What if I never dream of a loved one? Well that in and of itself is a message. Either way things happen it's important pay attention to those dreams and recall as soon as possible everything you can remember if you have them, and to meditate on why they may not be coming to you. Your dreams or lack there of may not make sense that day but it should, upon reflection, become clear.

A lot of clients will come in and talk about their dreams. "Uncle A came and I was being chased by snakes and then a waterfall hit and suddenly I was naked!! He looked older than when he died and I couldn't hear what he was saying." Lets take a look at this fictional dream. Often times in dreams where spirit is there the messages are very on point. But the symbolism is ALWAYS up to you. Yes, I am advocating tossing out the dream books and depending on your own thoughts and beliefs to guide your interpretations. The following is my interpretation but a good dream decoder (person not a book) would help you to understand while pulling from your own experiences. To me this dream, you can't hear the spirit is a direct nod to you not listening to someone close to you. The snakes are something that is chasing you down and the water, for me always represents spirituality, being naked vulnerability. The only thing that is the way it is, is the spirit of Uncle A. Spirits come in a variety of ways one of which is showing they've aged with the family. Other times they will come in younger or even as a child. It depends on who they are trying to communicate to and why they are trying to communicate. having given my interpretation of the meanings I would tell this fictional client that her/his Uncle A came to him/her with the direct message that they are in a situation where someone or thing is hunting them down but they aren't willing to listen or communicate with whoever it is. They need to look within their own intuition to see the truth in this and because of this situation they feeling incredibly vulnerable. The comment from me would be to take the bull by the horns and stop running. Face it head on and deal with it so that you can put it behind you. It's so much easier to interpret spirit visitations than the lack of them.

When spirits don't show up in dreams it can be terribly difficult on those that left behind. Don't think for a moment that the spirits don't know this, they do. There are reasons this occurs. It's not done out of malice or uncaring it's done out of need. This isn't valid for all those who do not receive spirit dreams but for some and if this resonates with you then good and you have your answer. The main reason that spirits wont come into dreams is their fear that their loved one hang onto them and not move forward in their lives. This is the one thing spirits want. Yes, they want to be remembered and yes, they want you to move on in your life and not become stagnant with grief or a connection that would prevent you from making connections in your physical life. Sometimes it's those that grieve the hardest that spirits refrain from coming to. Simply because they know if they show up in a dream or manifest in another way, that their loved one wont gain solace from it. The grief will hit them even harder. So they are there but not visible. They watch over but make no impact until such a time that you have put the grief behind you for the most part. That is when they will make themselves known. It's because they love you that they don't show up. As hard as it is to move forward they are trying to work in your best interest.

I always tell clients to keep a recorder by your bed. First thing in the morning after having a dream of spirit recall all you can into the recorder so you can analyze it later. Any bits and pieces or fragments may, later on in the day, usher in memories of the dream. So it's useful to have as a tool for decoding. This can be your phone, a digital recorder or even an old tape recorder. It really is a helpful tool to understanding your dreams and not letting them slip away. If you have questions please email me at I hope this helps some of you.

Yours in spirit,