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Welcome to the world of mediumship, spirits and guidance

Offered in person, over the internet or on the phone!

Raven is a hereditary psychic medium who has read for people and businesses all over the globe. Her ability to tap into knowledge that is necessary for you to move forward on your path is always at the heart of her readings. Whether you are in crisis in your life, your business or you need to communicate with a loved one Raven is your answer! She has been doing this work for over thirty years and has been a go to psychic for numerous publications and radio stations. Her life has revolved around spirit, whether it is reading for others or connecting with those who have crossed, the psychic realm has always been her second home and the communication she receives is simply amazing. On the business side, Raven offers individual, couple, group and corporate consultations. She uses her abilities as a psychic to provide clients with insight, to aid them in thier goals and decision making, as well as to shed light on problems obstructing their paths. She also provides closure and communication with those we love who have crossed over. In all respects, she serve as a guide for others....Read more

Mediumship Classes

Hone Your Abilities!

Mediumship classes coming this spring! Ten classes designed to focus on your strengths, heighten and hone your abilities and provide you the tools to conduct your own spirit communications. We will explore many modes of spirit communication with active practice each week as well as medium sessions conducted by students. Each class runs approximately two hours. Class size limited to 10. For more information and pricing click here


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Thank you Raven Duclos.. Every reading I have with u I leave in happiness. U are so spot on it is mind blowing. Between those who come thru and what's going on in my life.. Health, money, future, etc u are beyond dead on.. Even with my CAT!! I always have done last min readings and ur available and it's worth every dime. I may shed tears during a session but that's Bc I needed to hear from those or u.. Read more

Gift Certificates are always available!

Give the gift of insight or connection to someone you love!

Gift certificates can be used toward any service and can be for any amount. These are great for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and holidays!
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Raven is currently busy with new projects in the works.
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